What our clients are saying

“The best speakers we have had at our meetings in twenty years.”
–Amcor Rigid Plastics North America

The O’Shea’s were simply hilarious! They were genius and creative in presenting ways to cope with changes in personal and professional life. They were easy to work with and spent time to get to know their audience. It was our first time to include a comedic angle to our general session and we made the right decision to hire The O’Shea’s because they were super energetic and surely inspired and pumped-up our attendees to do well in their jobs.”
-Association of Government Accountants

Not only is the content of their presentation hilarious, it also has a relevant message for our sales force and business at large. Their brand of corporate humor is right on target! They brilliantly poke fun at the challenges and fast-paced environment we all face and encourage a new mindset when approaching future challenges. The O’Sheas’ seamlessly tie in encouraging messages about teamwork and adaptability. Highly recommend!”
– US Foods San Francisco

You WOW’d the crowd. Feedback has been 100% positive, and your presentation set just the right tone for our meeting yesterday. Thank you so much for bringing some fun and laughter to us.”
– Plateau Telecommunications

Powerful, insightful, current, and very funny!!! Kris and Tim O’Shea use the mirror of humor to let their audience see themselves at work, responding to the requests, demands, and sometimes silly nonsense employees bring to HR. The take-away is two-fold; do not take yourself so seriously, and be genuine in your dealings with your employees.”
– Society of Human Resources Management

Not only are you stellar speakers and consummate performers, but you are also amazing collaborators and work so well with our team to bring our vision to life on stage.”
–American Payroll Association

Wow! What a fantastic way to wrap up our conference – having you as keynotes! It’s obvious that you were the perfect choice for the Administrative Professionals Conference. Not only did you bring lots of humor and wit into the program, but also substance that related specifically to our audience. You energized everyone with your fast-paced and ever-changing format.”
–Administrative Professionals Conference

When our employees said it was the best meeting they had ever attended, we knew it was because of you. Thank you Tim and Kris for making our meeting a huge success!”
–US Foods Cincinnati

Our goal of a fun kick-off keynote was accomplished, as you had our audience in stitches from beginning to end.
–American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

I highly recommend The O’Sheas as a keynote speakers. They will exceed the expectations of the attendees and of the meeting planner!”
–Texas Association of Personnel Consultants

“Tim and Kris were professional, detail oriented, humorous motivational speakers and were tuned in to what they could do to help us improve our event. I fully intend to work with The O’Sheas in the future for additional clients.”
–Management Excellence, Inc.

The audience appreciated the business comedy and the change from the norm. We received nothing but rave reviews! We are definitely going to have these two funny motivational speakers featured in other Coors functions in the future.”
–Miller-Coors Brewing Co.

Several of the comments we received from staff who attended our AdMan conference were ‘The keynote speakers were hilarious,’ ‘Better than last year’s speaker,’ ‘Funny and Entertaining,’ ‘Tim and Kris O’Shea were the best part of the conference.’ You lifted their spirit and made the day very joyful for the staff as well as the committee.”
–UC Davis

Kris and Tim O’Shea provided our board meeting with an excellent program for our organization. With wonderful wit and humorous dialogue they delivered hilarious dinner entertainment that was talked about long after the meeting was over. Consummate professionals, The O’Sheas were a delight to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to amuse and entertain their guests.”
–Society of the Plastics Industry

Thanks for your presentation at our Kick Off meeting. Sometimes it is difficult getting re-motivated going into another sales year but our sales personnel left your presentation with a renewed enthusiasm. Your unique style of humor mixed with the real world of the Foodservice Industry proved to be a winner with our sales team.
–US Foods Cleveland

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