Maintaining Teamwork in the Workplace

If there’s anybody that knows about the dynamics of successful teamwork, it’s Tim and Kris O’Shea. They work together, run a business together, and are married…and yet, they still haven’t killed each other.

Notifier04In this keynote program, The O’Sheas share the techniques that make them a successful team. Through audience interaction and relevant humor, this program will get your people feeling good about working together.


Highlights include:

  • What’s funny about difficult people.
  • Generational styles, from Boomers to Millennials – how to communicate across generational differences.
  • The ups and downs of the modern “Conference Call.”
  • Quick thinking with teamwork audience interaction.


By using humor, The O’Sheas will demonstrate:

  • Reframe: How looking at a situation from a different point of view can change the emotional context in a positive way.
  • Support each other: How teamwork and having a support system is essential to help get you through challenging times.
  • Adapt: How “making it about them” is more effective than making it about you.

In their hilarious and insightful style, The O’Sheas will show you what’s funny about teams while giving you tips and techniques on how to have a successful relationship with your co-workers.

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