Your sales team is under constant pressure to do more with less. But it doesn’t have to get them down!

June 2013-44As former corporate sales professionals, Tim and Kris know exactly what it is like to have quotas, answer calls, jump through hoops for customers, and the inevitable drain of having to deal with rejection (usually cured by a thing called “happy hour”).  In this comical keynote, motivational sales speakers Tim and Kris O’Shea provide a unique look at the world of sales through a humorous lens.

The O’Sheas will get your people laughing about:

  •     Communication styles, and how they keep changing.
  •     The ups and downs of the modern “Conference Call.”
  •     Keeping up to date on the latest business books with “Management Flavor of the Month.”
  •     Creating a supportive environment.

In this humorous keynote, The O’Sheas will encourage your attendees to:

  •     Reframe: How looking at a problem from a different angle can help you resolve it more easily.
  •     Support: How working as a team can make for a more effective sales organization.
  •     Adapt: How “making it about them” is more effective than making it about you.

Whether you want to motivate your sales force or reward them for a job well-done, these motivational sales speakers will help your team look at the humorous side of being in sales. As a result, your team will walk away with a positive new outlook and renewed enthusiasm. Your team works hard–reward them!

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