Dealing with Change through Humor

The world is changing…fast. Fast enough that by next week, the iPad will be thought of as Amish furniture.

It’s time to laugh about it.

IMG_7852“The O’Shea Report: Change 180” takes you on a hilarious journey through the ups and downs of dealing with change. Through motivational humor, The O’Sheas help audiences feel less defensive about change, put their minds at ease, and open their minds to progress. They aren’t your ordinary change management speakers!


The O’Sheas will help your audience laugh as they examine:

  • From the 50s to Today: the constantly changing times we live in.
  • Generational styles, from Boomers to Gen Y – how to communicate across generational differences.
  • The ups and downs of the modern “Conference Call.”

Woven throughout the funny keynote is messaging about how to deal with change effectively. The O’Sheas will encourage your attendees to:

  • Reframe: How looking at a situation from a different point of view can change the emotional context in a positive way.
  • Communicate: How to talk to someone who resists change…even if you embrace it.
  • Support each other: How teamwork and having a support system is essential to help get you through challenging times.

Packed with humor and insightful tips, this keynote is ideal for organizations looking for a lighthearted way to deal with the heavy topic of change.

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