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"Tim & Kris O’Shea are like Saturday Night Live for Business."

Top Motivational Speakers For Your Meeting

Helping your team deal with change in a humorous way!

Do your people feel overworked, overloaded, and have to do more with less? Tim and Kris O’Shea can motivate your people to laugh about it.

Voted among the "Top 5 Motivational Speakers" by Speakers Platform for 4 consecutive years, Tim and Kris O’Shea are the perfect choice for your next meeting. Described as “Saturday Night Live for Business,” The O’Sheas are funny motivational speakers who bring a fresh and different way to get your people inspired. If you want to energize your meeting attendees with a relevant, yet hilarious keynote, look no further!

Time For Something Different?

You’ve seen every motivational keynote speaker out there. Your people have heard it all. Now it’s time for something fresh, fun, and different.

How are the O’Sheas different from other motivational speakers?

Tim and Kris understand how important your meeting is. They want to learn about your meeting objectives, your people, and your organization to make the program a great experience from start to finish!

To see Kris and Tim in action, click the demo video at the top. Then contact The O’Sheas to get the process started.

Tim & Kris will:
  • Share content in an entertaining style that knocks down obstacles through humor.
  • Make points through compelling sketches, rather than simple stories.
  • Connect with the YouTube generation through the use of captivating and comical videos.
  • Draw upon their background in both business and comedy to deliver a keynote that is relevant and funny.

Tim & Kris O’Shea’s Programs

Whether you’re dealing with change, building a team, working with multiple generations, or rallying your sales force, The O’Sheas have a keynote for you.

Change 180°

It’s a fast-paced, constantly changing world. Inspire your people with a fresh point of view.

Teamwork 180°

Unite your team through the power of laughter!

Sales 180°

Rally your sales team with this energetic program that takes a lighthearted look at the dynamics of working in sales.

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